From California to North Carolina: A Journey

So it was quickly approaching the time for me to decide what I was going to do while my husband was deployed. Would I stay in California or would I move back in with my parents in North Carolina until my husband returned? I was leaning towards stay in California until one morning I woke up and just knew I was pregnant. Sure enough the test was positive and I ended up getting horrible morning sickness, actually it was hyperemesis gravidarum but that’s another story. I knew I would need help the rest of the pregnancy and with the new baby (boy was that a good decision, read my birth story here).

image (4).jpeg

My husband and I packed up our little Ford Focus and started our journey across the country. I was 24 weeks pregnant and being in a car that long was not exactly comfortable. We decided to make stops along the way to make the trip more enjoyable. Our first stop was Las Vegas, Nevada. My husband loved going to the casino and I loved the shopping. We stayed at The Venetian and it was luxurious. We definitely plan to go back some day.

image (1).jpeg

After Vegas was of course the hoover dam. It was seriously 114 degrees and I wish I was exaggerating. That was not exactly fun to do while 24 weeks pregnant. It was an amazing site to see though.

image (2).jpeg

From the hoover dam we went to the Grand Canyon. That was the longest road in the middle of nowhere that I have ever been on. When we got their we were so close to just turning around and going on our way because it was already getting late, but we knew we would regret it so we went on the bus trip. It was a stunning sight to see.

image (3).jpeg

Our next stop was Meteor Crater and it was interesting but it wasn’t exactly my favorite stop on the way. That was our last stop, or so we thought…

We make it to Oklahoma and all of a sudden our car radio turns off and I’m confused, it says low battery but I knew that the cars battery recharged itself as you drove. It turns out our alternator decided to quit. We might of done a little off-roading in California to get around a lot of traffic… that’s another story. We called USAA roadside assistance and they sent out a tow truck to get us to a shop. Then we found out our car broke down in the worst possible place, none of the mechanics were open in the whole town. We ended up having the tow trucks friend fix our alternator in the middle of a parking lot and we were on our way.

After around 4 days of travel we made it to my parents home in the mountains of North Carolina. It was quite an adventure and those memories will be some we never forget. What is your favorite travel story? Comment away!

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