My Current Favorite Beauty Products

I don’t exactly do my makeup much, being a new mom and all, but on the days I do these are the products that I tend to reach for the most.

1. My first favorite is the Naked Palette by Urban Decay. It is great for everyday looks but you can also create some dramatic looks for a night out, but considering I have a three month old I don’t exactly go out much.

2. The Soiree Diaries by Pur Cosmetics palette is another favorite of mine for everyday looks, you could do more dramatic looks but again I ain’t got time for that. I got this product in one of my monthly Boxycharm boxes ( I will be doing a review of January’s box so look forward to that).

3. The MAC eyebrow pencil is what I currently use on my brows. I am in search for a new one that’s easier to work with but I do enjoy this one. It isn’t too soft of a texture that is hard to control like some brow products.

4. The two mascaras that I tend to reach for the most are L’Oreal Voluminous original with the base and the Tarteist Lash Paint. Both of these don’t clump and make my lashes have volume.


5. The brushes that I currently use the most are the Luxie travel brush set, another thing I received in a Boxycharm box. These apply my eye shadow flawlessly.

6. It’s winter here in the mountains of North Carolina and with winter comes chapped lips. My go to lip product to combat the dryness is Vaseline Lip Therapy. This stuff smells amazing and conditions my lips beautifully and as a plus it has a pink tint to bring some color to your pale winter skin.


7. So for this pick, I came across it on accident I needed to add one thing to get free shipping and the body mists were on sale. I picked it hoping it would smell decent and it quickly became the body spray I reached for the most. It is Victoria’s Secret body mist Champagne Glow.

8. Last but not least, you always need something to remove your makeup. Micellar Water works perfect for me you don’t need much of it and it removes my makeup without having to scrub.

What are your current favorite beauty products? What do you reach for the most?

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