My Skincare Routine

Between pregnancy and postpartum my skin has been through a lot in the last year. Below is what I currently use to keep my skin clear, well try to keep my skin clear anyways. Between the stress of being a new mom and the stress of my husband being deployed I tend to breakout a lot, but these products I use keep it relatively under control.


First I use Neutrogena Redness Soothing Acne Wash with a spinning facial brush. I’ve been dealing with a lot of redness with this cold, dry winter weather so I figured I’d give this a try and it has been a game changer for sure. My face is noticeably less red.


A good moisturizer is a staple in every skincare routine, especially in these dry winter months. I find that the Neutrogena Naturals Moisturizer is perfect for my skin. It doesn’t clog my pores or make my face oily.

I use Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion a few times a week to refresh my skin. This product helps to remove impurities from deep in your pores and reduce the size of your pores. This has done wonders for my skin.


When I have a stubborn spot that persists after the previous products I dab some Tea Tree oil on it. Tea Tree oil kills the bacteria that causes the blemish and is a natural way to fight acne. This usually works amazing for me.

What products do you use for your skincare routine? Have you found a product that never fails to work for your skin? Let me know!

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