ThirdLove Bra Review

Finding a bra that fits is something that I’ve been struggling with since the beginning. Finding the perfect fit has been a daunting task, so when I saw an ad for ThirdLove I was skeptical but hopeful, I don’t exactly have luck with online ordering but I decided to take a leap of faith. After having my son I needed a new size bra, between pregnancy and the short time I breastfed my son my body has gone through a lot of changes.

They have an option called Try Before Buying. You can wash the bra and wear it for 30 days to decide if it’s a good fit for you and if it doesn’t fit you send it back and you don’t get charged for the bra. They donate all the gently used bras that are returned, to women in need, which is something about the company I love. I decided to give it a try, shipping was pretty fast and it arrived in a cute box with the bra wrapped in tissue paper. I ordered their 24/7 classic t-shirt bra, I wanted the lace bra but they didn’t have it in stock in my size.

When I tried it on I could immediately tell it was a perfect fit. The only complaint I have is about the straps, they are too far over for me and dig into my pits a bit, other than that the bra fits like a glove. There is not gaping in the cups, or spilling out of the cups, the bra forms right to your body and moves with you. The memory foam cups provide light but comfortable coverage. I found out that I am a size 30F(DDD), I didn’t even know that was a size! No wonder I can’t find a bra that fits, normal stores like Victorias Secret don’t even sell my size, which is exactly why I couldn’t ever get that right fit from one of their bras. ThirdLove has a quick quiz on their site that says they can find your perfect size without stepping into a dressing room. I was very skeptical about buying a bra online, as I usually don’t have much luck with getting the right size when I buy things online, but I answered the questions and the size they suggested was the exact size. Below you can see the quiz on their site. All in all I do plan to keep this bra and I hope they restock the other styles in my size. You can check out the site for yourself here.

*not sponsored, post is all my own opinion.


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