Life Update: Moving Back to California

Hey y’all! So as my husbands deployment is coming to an end, now is the time to prepare! I have so much packing to do and my immediate response to it is to sit on my ass and just whine about it.. okay I can’t be the only one who does that, can I?

I have to get my car looked at so I know i’m not shipping it back to California for no reason (it’s made a few drives back and forth across the country, she’s getting old), then I have to plan the whole shipping process, yikes! The whole moving process is not fun, especially coordinating it with my husband who is who know where in the world right now.. he has to call and coordinate on base housing and all that fun stuff and all I gotta do is… everything else.

What I’m really not looking forward to is the 5 hour flight with a 4 month old. I thought ahead and booked it for night so I’m hoping, no I’m begging that he will sleep the entirety of the flight (I know wishful thinking). But I do get to look forward to my son meeting his father for the first time, I really hope it will be as magical as I think it will be (actually I know it won’t be, HA! A 5 hour flight through the night = no sleep for this mama).

But I digress, I am so ready for this new chapter of life, to finally be a family together. It will definitely be a learning curve as coming home from deployment is not always an easy thing for many service people. The reintegration process is hard, he’s trying to get back in the groove of being home and not with hundreds of stinky dudes, and now he has the added detail of being a father and having missed so much of the beginning of our sons life. It will be a learning curve.

Does anyone have any tips of flying with an infant? Or any tips on packing a lot of things into two suitcases? Please let me know!

*photo credit: Silvia Agrasar/Unsplash*

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