Flying with an Infant

The cramped spaces, the uncomfortable pressure of altitude changes, loud noises and too many people – welcome to airline travel. Now, dealing with all of this stress, add an infant to the mix and you’re wondering how you’re going to make it to your destination with your sanity in tact. I recently had to fly across country with my infant alone, let me tell you, I wasn’t ready.

Let my terrible experience help you get through your flight with ease. Here are a few tips that can help reduce the stress and keep that baby happy, and maybe keep your sanity.

Choose a time of day for your flight that your baby is usually at their best. I chose an overnight flight and it was perfect for us, he slept most of the flight with no problem.

Dress your baby comfortably. This is not the time to dress them up in frilly clothes, the flight will go a lot smoother if they’re comfortable.

If you formula feed make sure to pack extra formula in case of flight delays. You can get room temp water at a shop after you go through security. I would go ahead and pour the amount of water in each bottle you need so you can just add the formula and be done, you won’t have to worry about spilling. You can also bring pre-made formula through security even if it’s more than 3 Oz. They usually test it but you should not have any problems. That goes with pumped breast milk too. If you breastfeed don’t forget a cover if you use one, I know most airlines are very supportive of breastfeeding mothers.

On take off and landing, be sure to have something for your baby to suck on to help with the pressure in their ears. My son did not like the elevation changes. I don’t think it was so much the pressure as it was the feeling in his tummy. But nonetheless, I do believe the pacifier/bottle helped.

Bring their favorite toy to help keep them entertained when they are awake.

Bring extra pacifiers or bring pacifier wipes in case (or should I say for when) they drop it.

Bring a baby carrier if you have one, it will help so much to be hands free going through security. I also brought a stroller and ended up just putting my bags in it and carrying him in my Tula.

Bring hand sanitizer and use it often! Airports have so many people with so many germs, especially flying during flu season like I did.

The biggest thing is to not stress! Your baby can feel the tension and will react accordingly.

My experience was honestly one of the worst traveling experiences I’ve ever had. Both my son Micah and I had a cold, and well, mine was bad. The last hour of the flight everything went downhill. I broke out in a cold sweat and started to get incredibly nauseous, I felt like I was going to pass out. I ended up calling the flight attendant over and she had to take my son while they gave me oxygen and luckily enough there was a doctor on the flight in the same row as me and he kept an eye on me the rest of the flight. I was crying and so embarrassed, everyone was super helpful though! Don’t be afraid to ask your flight attendants for help. The people next to me were super helpful too, most people love babies so that works in your favor. All in all, flying for me was just not great. Next time I will be better prepared and will hopefully have my husband with me to help.

I hope this helps!

Happy travels!


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