A Day In My Life

A long, restless night is accompanied by screams and/or laughter as Micah wakes up in the morning.

I like to make my husband coffee in the morning before he goes to work. A Keurig is the easiest and fastest way to make it.

Micah usually has play time first thing in the morning. I put him with his toys and I try to clean up a little or I sit and play with him and clean when he takes his first nap.

Let me tell you, this kid can eat. His favorite is green beans, but I can occasionally get him to try new things. I’m now making my own baby food because its easy and I know exactly what he’s eating.

Micah is usually up for two hours at a time, then he takes a 30-60 minute nap. Sometimes I can get him to take a two hour nap for his first nap which lets me get so much done!

During Micah’s nap time and after doing some house cleaning, I am finally able to relax and have some time for myself. I watch some trashy reality tv and check social media and will be interrupted by Micah awakening  right when I get comfortable.

Most of the time, Micah is usually content and more happy after he wakes up from his naps.

After my husband gets home from work, sometimes we go out for walks with Micah.

Around 500pm-600pm I usually start making dinner. Some days my husband makes our dinner utilizing his charcoal grill.

Above is my homemade potato soup , one of my husbands favorites.

We usually eat dinner on our couch watching our favorite shows, or my husband will play video games. I often retire to bed first and my husband will follow shortly. I wake up the next morning then repeat it all over again.

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