5 Invaluable Tips For First Time Moms

Being a new mom is tough, you are just thrown into this new world where you have another human to take care of. It is scary and exciting and you most likely have no idea what you are doing. I was there, well I still am and my son is almost 6 months old now. These are a few of the most important things I have learned with this new life:

It is okay to write a birth plan and want things to go a certain way, but do not get your hopes up that everything will go exactly how you planned it. They told us this at the birthing class at the hospital, you can have certain things like: the vaccines you do/don’t want, you want delayed cord clamping, skin to skin right away, etc. (most hospitals do most of this anyways.) In my situation nothing went as planned, you can read about it here.

  • If you planned to breastfeed, research ahead of time. It does not always come naturally! I also suggest that you research formula ahead of time and buy a small thing of it to have on hand just in case things don’t go well. I am so glad that I did this!
  • Do NOT buy a ton of clothes! My son ended up not even wearing half the clothes I had for him, buy a few outfits and if you need more order more.
  • I can not stress this enough, accept help when it is offered! I was naive thinking I could do everything on my own, I ended up wearing myself out which just put more stress on me and the baby. If someone offers to bring dinner, say yes! If someone offers to clean for you, say yes! If someone offers to watch the baby while you nap, say yes! Okay I think you get it now.
  • If you are feeling super depressed, TALK. TO. SOMEONE. You do not have to feel this way, it is not normal. It took me a long time to open up to my doctor and I am so glad I did, I got the help I needed and I am better for my son now too.

Congratulations on your new addition/s and good luck on this new chapter of your life. You are doing great momma, don’t doubt yourself.

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