Cloth Diapering

So recently I made the decision to start cloth diapering, my son is almost 7 months old and I have been strongly against it since before he was born. I honestly have no idea what overcame me but one day out of nowhere I was like ‘hey, I should try it.’

My first thought when it came to cloth diapering was ‘what about the poo???’ I thought that my washing machine would just have poop floating around. Well it turns out it wasn’t how I thought at all.

Now let’s all remember that I just started this a few weeks ago, so I’m just a beginner, though I have learned a lot in that time. There are so many different ways to cloth diaper and you can easily find the right system for your family! There’s All in Ones (aio), Pocket Diapers, All In twos, hybrids, covers, flats, prefolds, soakers, and I’m sure I’m leaving out more. We chose to try the aio’s and pocket diapers.

All in ones have the inserts (the stuff that soaks up the pee) attached to the cover. The cover has a PUL lining that is water proof and keeps the pee from leaving the diaper.


Pocket diapers are basically a cover with a fleece lining that has an opening for you to stuff a prefold or soaker/insert into it, this is nice because you get to adjust the absorbency in case you have a heavy wetter. You could also add a soaker to an aio, under the flaps that are sewn in, but it can get bulky depending on the fabrics.

Now for the poo situation, I have not forgot about this part. Researching cloth diapers I found that you can use a liner in the diaper to catch the… waste. The liners I use are from GroVia and are bio liners, you can, just flush them or toss them. If you were not to use a liner you could just use a diaper sprayer or swish the diaper in the toilet, or if they’re on solids and the poo is formed you can just plop it right into the toilet (from the wise words of my cousin, Staci).

As for washing the diapers, different brands recommended different techniques. For me I wash all of my diapers inserts and wipes (that’s another story) together, I do a prewash on cold with no detergent, then a wash on hot using seventh generation detergent with a second rinse. I then put them in the dryer on low heat using wool dryer balls.

We cloth diaper during the day and use a disposable overnight, this is what works best for us. The whole process has been easier than expected, there have been a few leaks due to user error or longer naps than calculated but nothing as bad as I thought. I’ve still got a lot to learn but I am happy with my decision.

If you want me to cover more on cloth diapering let me know! I’m glad to go in depth on different parts for you. I hope you find the best way to cloth diaper with your family.

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