Life With Anxiety

As long as I can remember, I’ve had anxiety. My mother told me when I was little I would come up to her and say that my heart is beeping, meaning it was racing. Anxiety has been an obstacle, or I should say a barricade in my life. Task as small as driving to the grocery store have been daunting.

Just as people without anxiety don’t understand how it is to live with it, I can’t even picture a life where my heart didn’t pound out of my chest at the thought of making a phone call.

I have finally took matters into my own hands, I started going to a therapist. This has been a huge step, just talking to someone about my problems felt like a huge weight off my shoulders. I am praying this step will be a huge aid for my life.

Your anxiety does not have to define you, you can get ahold of your life. As someone who knows how crippling it is to live with anxiety, I know the thought of even calling to make an appointment to see a therapist is terrifying, it was for me. If you can get someone to call for you then use them as a crutch, if you can’t then you need to find the will to better yourself. I know it is easier said than done, but there is hope. Think of your family, your friends, or even think of it for you.

My prayers are out to anyone struggling.

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