New Home Interior Design Inspiration and Life Update

Things never go exactly as planned but you have to always be prepared for where life is going to take you, for my husband, son and I it’s back to my home state of Florida. Originally we were supposed to be going to Germany but due to my anxiety disorder we were not accepted to go. I believe everything happens for a reason and can’t wait to begin this new chapter.

With moving across country comes moving into a new home, my husband and I decided to buy a house and we can’t be more excited. I have been planning decorating and painting in my head since we put the offer in on the house (we’re currently in escrow and praying the inspection and everything else is smooth sailing). With all of this happening I thought I would give y’all a few different ideas to find inspiration on your new place, whether it be an apartment, condo, or even your own home.

  • Pinterest: I’m sure most of y’all knew if this but the second we found out we were going to Florida I started a new board. There are so many things to find inspiration from on this site.
    Magazines: this is a more tangible way to find inspiration, you can carry magazines around for when you have free time to browse through them.
    Television: my husband and I love to watch hgtv and the different home improvement shows, this is any easy way to find different ideas that could look good in your space.

I hope this helped and good luck on your new space. It is always fun to find different ways to make a space your own. xx

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