New Home Interior Design Inspiration and Life Update

Things never go exactly as planned but you have to always be prepared for where life is going to take you, for my husband, son and I it’s back to my home state of Florida. Originally we were supposed to be going to Germany but due to my anxiety disorder we were not accepted to go. I believe everything happens for a reason and can’t wait to begin this new chapter.

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My Top 9 Baby Must Haves

What works for my son may not work for your child. Every baby is different but you never know until you try different things out to see what works. I have a few things that I’ve purchased that my son ended up not liking. It’s all about trial and error. Below are the main things that have worked for my son and made life a whole of a lot easier.

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From California to North Carolina: A Journey

So it was quickly approaching the time for me to decide what I was going to do while my husband was deployed. Would I stay in California or would I move back in with my parents in North Carolina until my husband returned? I was leaning towards stay in California until one morning I woke up and just knew I was pregnant. Sure enough the test was positive and I ended up getting horrible morning sickness, actually it was hyperemesis gravidarum but that’s another story. I knew I would need help the rest of the pregnancy and with the new baby (boy was that a good decision, read my birth story here).

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